November 25, 2015

NEW MUSIC: Adele 'Water Under The Bridge' On Jimmy Fallon.

Sister Act! Kylie & Dannii Minogue Perform '100 Degrees' Live on The X Factor Australia!

NEW MUSIC: King Charles 'Gamble For A Rose'

In the lead up to the release of his second album 'Gamble For A Rose' on 22nd January 2016, London-based artist King Charles has released the dreamy music video for the title track. Having recorded the album in the English countryside with Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons, King Charles has taken a brand new collaborative focused approach to his music, creating a new sound since the release of his debut album 'Loveblood' back in 2012. 'Gamble for a Rose' follows the release of the first single for the album, the vibrant folk pop track Loose Change for the Boatman.

A passionate reunion, slow and atmospheric, the video perfectly encapsulates the strong emotion that shines through so fiercely across the length of the song. Inspired by his love for playing music with old friends including Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall (Mumford & Sons), Charlie Fink and Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale), 'Gamble For a Rose' involved King Charles and his friends decamping to a farm near Exeter to begin working up the songs, with mattresses pushed up against the walls to make vocal booths.

NEW MUSIC: Krista Polvere 'Shut Up & Ride'

Melbourne based alt-country siren Krista Polvere returns from an international hiatus with the release of her new single Shut Up and Ride on November 27. 

The single is the first taste of Polvere’s new self-titled album due for release early in 2016. Both single and album were recorded in Virginia, USA, and produced by producer/artist Brian Elijah Smith. The recordings were made over an intense period in a basement studio fuelled by an intense relationship between the pair resulting in an album of rare emotional vulnerability and fire.

“There is a story within it all that makes this album even more intense and special. You may hear it all coming through the songs, through my voice. The producer and instrumentalist on the album was my lover at the time. When I listen to the record now I can hear the ghosts of our love and the listener may too”. 

Shut Up and Ride is a powerful first single from the album – a rollicking, guitar driven ode to spontaneity and risk-taking, with an unmistakably lustful lyric!

NEW MUSIC: The Naked Eye 'River Of No Return'

London-based singer Frenchie has unveiled her latest helping of jazz-infused sophistication under the guise of The Naked Eye, entitled ‘River Of No Return’. Following previous singles ‘Embrace Me’ and ‘Sweet Boy’, which garnered strong support from a selection of the top Hype Machine listed blogs and BBC Introducing, this new cut marks a turning point for the project. Preparations are being made for the release of a debut EP in 2016, and having already recorded a session for Daytrotter that was handpicked as one of their favourites from 2014, we’re soon to be reminded why The Naked Eye played to a packed out Ronnie Scott’s at the start of the year.

Showcasing a noticeably more expansive production, ’River Of No Return’ is the first track to be lifted from the forthcoming EP and sees Frenchie’s songwriting brought to new heights by the dialogue between acoustic and electronic sounds. She explains how ‘the track was inspired by a personal experience and one of my favourite artists, Amy Winehouse. I was really drawn to Amy for many reasons, her unique musicality, honest vulnerability, sharp wit and tragedy.’ With the result of a late night studio jam forming the chilling gospel outro, we’re given a glimpse of what’s to come as the 6 track EP is fused together by more of these remarkable hidden interludes.

NEW MUSIC: Andras & Oscar 'Everytime I Go'

November 21, 2015

Special Interview: Playwrite

Playwrite catch up with for a special interview...

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music?
Each band member will answer this question a little differently. The common ground would be that feeling of connection that music gives us, the ability to speak a universal language that transcends the usual barriers and gets to the heart of things. When you first have that moment, that one where a song or a musician speaks right to you, and through you, choices fall away and music is the thing you’re doing. The details of those moments vary and the result is 5 of us doing this thing we call Playwrite, seeking to explore, define and recreate those connections to ourselves and to everyone with the music we make. 

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?
Daring artists across any and every medium. Artists that are taking risks to make beautiful things. Sharing this process with 4 others is like holding up mirrors to my creative expression. They intensify the process and challenge me to stretch out bigger, look for deeper truths. We do this for one another. So just due to the fact that our output is processed by 5 filters all the time influences what that output ends up being in a hopefully positive way. 

Special Interview: Andrew Johnston catches up with Andrew Johnston.

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music?
Def Leppard Hysteria and Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction.  My Dad bought them for me at Sam the Record Man in Toronto.  And we drove back to Ottawa (my hometown) that day listening to them in the car.  By the end of the drive I was hooked on rock and roll.

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?
To be a positive influence on my son.  Show him that if you follow your dreams and believe in yourself that anything is possible.  To demonstrate that there is magic and wonder in this world, and getting the most out of life is all about having a positive attitude and being open to adventure.

What are your biggest goals you hope to accomplish as an artist?
Just to write great songs.  I want to try to top myself with each new song that I write.  I study songwriting in the same way that a craftsperson or tradesperson studies what they do.  To me it’s all about the mechanics of it melding with inspiration - that’s where the magic lies.  I can hear an uninspired song coming from a mile away.  

What can we expect from you in the coming months? Any plans to tour?
My goal is to tour the U.S and Canada in 2016.  By 2017 I want to be touring Europe, Australia, and Japan.  This year (2015) I’ve done two tours of Canada.

NEW MUSIC: Jinja Safari 'Kilimanjaro'

NEW MUSIC: Tim Wheatley 'The Heathen'

NEW MUSIC: Buchanan 'Living A Lie'

NEW MUSIC: Yates 'Virtue' (Plastic Plates Remix)

NEW MUSIC: Namaste feat. Moses York 'You Made Me Feel Special'

NEW MUSIC: Paws Off ft. Mia Milan 'Perfect Place'

November 20, 2015

Special Interview: Aly Cook catches up with Aly Cook.

Give us an introduction. How did it all begin? What had you first interested in music?

As a teen writing poetry was always important. I began writing songs at 14 years of age .. Music was always there in my life .. 

What motivates or influences you in your quest to make great music?

I love to make a difference write about events and things that have happened. I like for my writing to be uplifting to others, to make others feel good.