October 02, 2011

Where Are They Now: Gabriela Sabatini

Ever wondered what happened to Argentina's Gabriela Sabatini... Here she is in stunning pictures snapped recently alongside countrywoman Gisela Dulko and world famous German champion, Steffi Graf. Boy, those were the days...


  1. She is still the most sensational looking woman around

    1. yep no question about that and has a great spirit about her. I saw her in Key Biscayne many years ago as she was leaving the court after a match; I thought her looks were so stunning up close and she looks even better now in her 40's. She's the "Sophia Loren" of tennis. People try to make such a big deal about her sexuality which has nothing to do with her as a person...I am a straight woman & I think she's a doll- very classy...

  2. very classy indeed- she is obviously very beautiful; nice hair, skin, in great shape- very natural looking. she's not pretentious about it at all- very stunning woman...